ADNET Audio and Internet Advertising was set up in 1995 to help develop the “information super highway”  as the  World Wide Web was known at the time.   Having owned and operated a professional recording studio since 1987 the  WWW was an ideal diversification. The initial idea was to create content however the audience was small worldwide so we became an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and set about getting people online.

By 2006 the online population had grown enormously and we began looking at diversifying once again.  A chance meeting early 2008 provided a light bulb moment and our first shop was created.

We now own and operate four online shops.

In addition to that we have associated websites

Online shopping is a burgeoning industry and we have little time for anything else.

You can call in the first instance

  • Phone 02 9045 0007 or 0428 892217