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Grow your own bush food

Native plants do well in the areas to which they are endemic however you can still try to grow your favourites in pots and in a part of your garden that can best emulate their usual conditions.

I planted saltbush seed from Taste Australia Bush Food Shop and once the seedlings emerged I continued to cultivate them in pots until big enough to plant out. Surprisingly, at least to me since I had grown up surrounded by them, I did manage to kill one! However I still have one quite large but straggly specimen growing in a pot I created by cutting an old pool sand filter in half. It’s not as large as in its original growing region but nonetheless it does supply me with fresh, albeit smaller leaves, for stir fries.

I also planted two in a raised garden amongst exotics because I love the colour contrast however they either get or much water because of the rainfall or not enough. However they are both still alive (just).