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Hand cut, flat sheet. 30cm wide x 35cm high and weigh 400gm (listed weight is the shipping weight)

Use as a display for fresh salads, roasts & fish dishes. Use as a wrap (tie with cooking twine) when baking seafood, poultry & red meats. Best used in a slow oven or over hot coals in the barbeque.

Before wrapping, it is suggested that you dampen the bark with cool water to "steam" your contents & also to prevent your wrap burning and/or catching on fire!

The best way to separate individual sheets from the main piece is to soak it in water in a tray for about 5 minutes. This will help reduce tearing of the sheets from the lighter, 'fluffy' bark. The sheets from the heavier 'sticky' bark will come apart more easily from each other once they have been soaked.

At least 3 or more pieces should be able to be split from the main piece.

Bark sheet comes individually wrapped in a food grade clear plastic bag.

Store in a cool dark dry place, or in your refrigerator or freezer.

Paperbark is subject to biosecurity laws in Western Australia, Tasmania and USA

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