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NB After 22 years in operation the Midcoast Dial Up Service has been decommissioned on March 30, 2018


Sometimes your modem/router will need to be reset (turn off power, count to 30 and turn back on). So reboot before you ring us…it’ll probably fix it!

Reboot Meditation.

Power down your computer and turn it off, then turn off the power to your modem/router.

Take a deep breath, count to 30 and then turn on the modem first and then turn on your computer. Breathe!

Now and then when you first try to logon to the Internet it won’t work. First thing you need to do is reboot (as above) – sometimes you will need to do this a couple of times.

If it is still not going check that the internet light is lit on your modem.

Then do a line isolation test – this is where you remove all phones, fax machines, other computers from the line.

Does it work now? If not remove the filter (goes between the modem and the wall socket) and see whether you have action.

If you still can’t get online and you are positive that your modem is not at fault then give us a call and we will lodge a fault. Please be aware that should we lodge a fault and the problem is found to be with your equipment or at your premises that a call out fee of approx $200 applies.

All modems can be damaged by storms. During storm season disconnect everything.

Email configuration CLICK HERE

Phone 0428 89 22 17 or 02 9045 0007
(For extended helpdesk support please leave your name, username, and landline phone number so we can return your call)
e-mail the ADNET Help Desk 24/7 – accounts @

Message Bank – Please include your username, password,  landline phone number, and error messages. NB:  It is important that  the contact information we have on file for you is up to date. The  technicians are on call 24/7 and have pagers permanently attached to  their person enabling them to know the minute something goes wrong. They  are dedicated to fixing any problems asap.

Account payment

Plan EFT, @ BCU,
Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Pay Pal
eMail only $33 pq

Electronic funds transfer EFT:  BSB 533000 (Bananacoast Credit Union) Account No: 46424 S1 (drop the  S1 if your bank doesn’t accept letters in an account number ). An  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) can be made from any bank but you will  need to be registered with your bank for Internet Banking. Please type  your username in the reference field and notify us immediately if a  payment you have made is not acknowledged by email receipt.

We accept Mastercard, Bankcard or Visa, by phone or  mail . (TCR +  applies) either online, mail or phone

The quickest way to make a payment to a real person is at any branch of Bananacoast Credit Union, they  are open Monday to Saturday and have branches in almost every town on  North Coast NSW. Please write your username on the deposit slip AND  remind the teller to record your Account Name (username) as the  depositor.
CLICK HERE to pay using PayPal’s secure site.
For payments by post please refer to your  invoice. We suggest a quicker & cheaper way to pay by cheque is to  go into any BCU branch.

Transaction Cost Recovery (TCR) Fees.  Fees  from July 9 2010 – cheque (80 cents), Visa, Mastercard (2.45%)  They help us to maintain costs and save you money.

If your payment is not acknowledged via email receipt, please contact us immediately.

You  can email us for an account update at any time. An invoice is issued  via post if your account is out of credit by $10 or more. Invoices  posted incur a $5 handling fee. Invoices faxed incur a $2 handling fee.

A late payment fee of  $15 applies to  accounts that are out of credit at the beginning of the month and no  payment is received during the month.

Accounts that are not paid will incur a $50 debt collection fee – if still not paid they will be sent to our Collection Agency.