Check your webmail

Check your email from anywhere on earth.

Web Mail can be used from anyone’s computer, anywhere in the world. It enables you to check what messages are waiting for you, read them, reply to them, and even delete them. It provides you with another way of finding out what’s in your mailbox and if there is maybe a large email that is blocking the rest of your messages. You can then retrieve the messages using your email program


The ADNET Webmail server requires
your email address not just your username

Check your ADNET email
click here


Sometimes your modem/router will need to be reset (turn off power, count to 30 and turn back on). So reboot before you ring us…it’ll probably fix it!

Reboot Meditation.

Power down your computer and turn it off, then turn off the power to your modem/router.

Take a deep breath, count to 30 and then turn on the modem first and then turn on your computer. Breathe!

Now and then when you first try to logon to the Internet it won’t work. First thing you need to do is reboot (as above) – sometimes you will need to do this a couple of times.

If it is still not going check that theĀ internet light is lit on your modem.

Then do a line isolation test – this is where you remove all phones, fax machines, other computers from the line.

Does it work now? If not remove the filter (goes between the modem and the wall socket) and see whether you have action.

All modems can be damaged by storms. During storm season disconnect everything.