You wear your hair curly so you should have it cut curly

“Where it lays, it should stay.” says L.A.-based celebrity stylist Shai Amiel, dubbed “The Curl Doctor”.  “Don’t fight the curls. Let them do what they want to do and pay attention to the spring factor. You have to treat each curl differently, because no two curls are the same.”

One of the first questions your hairdresser shouId ask is how much of your hair you want to keep. He/she should show you anything that needs attention—like uneven pieces or damaged ends. Explain what is wrong and give you options on how to make it look even and better.

When you see another curly with pretty and healthy hair ask them the name of their stylist.  That’s usually the best referral system.

Team up with your hairstylist  to examine your hair so you both understand the real condition of your curls and ask them for suggestions on how to fix your issues.

If the salons Facebook or Instagram page doesn’t show pics of their work then ask them in person.

And of course RUN if a stylist tries to brush or comb wet curls prior to the cut.  Run from thinning shears or razors.  And RUN from those who want to straighten your hair before cutting. They should only use quality shears that produce clean, blunt cuts. knows you want the right product for your curls yesterday so all orders completed by 11am weekdays are posted that day. flat-rate-delivery