Tips for 2nd and 3rd day hair


Second and third day hair

Bed time pineappling – Clip (not hair elastic) your hair up to resemble a pineapple with all your curls piled up on top of your head with the clip at the crown of your head. If you’re a tosser this will stop knots and tangles whilst creating more volume.

Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase which is smoother and so there is less friction on your hair and therefore less frizz.

Steamy shower – In the morning, give your curls a shake and have a steamy shower  to rehydrate your hair without having to wet it too much. Alternatively you can use a water spray bottle to dampen and reshape any curls that need it. Apply some Jessicurl Oil Blend to smooth your curls.

If there are any tangles or flat curls then use Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray to plump them up again.

What’s your trick to revive 2nd day curls back to their original glory?