Teach your kids to love their curls


How do you talk to your kids about their hair and why it may look different from their classmates?

When you’re talking with friends, your kids are listening. You have more long-lasting influence than you may realise. Reassurance and affirmation is the key… “you can do so much with your hair” and “it’s so beautiful”. Praise your child and constantly tell him or her they are beautiful/handsome; and that their hair is amazing just like they are.

It’s pretty easy these days to find gorgeous images of any hair texture. Just flip through your favourite magazines or browse the ‘net and you’re sure to come up with a multitude of curliciousness. It’s important for your child to see such images and realise that his or her hair type is absolutely stunning. Combining this with your own high confidence levels will help to ensure your child exudes a healthy self confidence that will last a lifetime.

Girls tend to associate beauty with their dolls, and if they don’t see themselves in their dolls, they may grow to believe that they are not as beautiful. Hair texture is very similar. There are dolls of every ethnicity and every hair texture. Make sure your child sees a similar beauty between her dolls’ hair and her own. This will help translate into healthy levels of self-confidence as she grows up.

You are one of the biggest influences on your child. If you’re constantly talking about how much you hate your hair, or how much better someone else’s hair is than yours, your child will absorb and internalise all that negativity. Start by learning to love your own hair. Find cool ways to wear it so that you feel great about yourself. Speak positively about your hair and your overall beauty; your child will surely emulate you.

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