My Bush Food Kitchen

I first started experimenting with ingredients native to Australia in 1997 but it wasn’t until around 10 years later after a chance meeting with Mike and Gayle Quarmby , creators of Outback Pride, at the Adelaide Showgrounds that I recognised an opportunity to promote and market our unique foods.
“All we need to do now is to get people to eat this stuff” Gayle told me. It was a lightbulb moment.


Taste Australia Bush Food Shop started by stocking the products that Outback Pride had developed thus far.
They included jams, sauces, cordials and seasoning mixes. It evolved into the largest range of dried ingredients I could source and with it came much experimentation in the kitchen. Today we have over 40 different ingredients plus a wide range of value added products.

As Co-Vid19 altered our lifestyles I decided to take advantage and document my culinary creations. It was tricky to remember to write them down because I incorporate native ingredients without thinking about it.

CLICK HERE FOR the first edition of MY Bush Food Kitchen- a free downloadable PDF