Love your curls!

  1. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair dry, not wet. And add long layers
  2. Plunking or plonking magnifies curls and stops frizz:
    After washing, conditioning and adding styling products lay a microfibre towel on a chair seat and slowly plunk your hair into it and loosely wrap. Wait for about five minutes, and carefully remove the towel. Arrange your curls and then allow to completely dry before scrunching them out
  3. No need to shampoo every day.
    Use conditioner yes and reapply styling products like Jessicurl Spiralicious
  4. Deep condition once a week. Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment
  5. Style your hair using a diffuser on the coolest setting
  6. Sleep on silk. Cotton has a tendency to suck the moisture from your hair. Silk pillowcases allow your curls to glide over the fabric

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