Curlies have the best of both worlds


Us curlies have the best of  both worlds because we can choose to go curly or straight however for straighties no amount of gel, wax, hairspray, sea salt sprays or deluxe curling iron techniques will give the hair any kind of lift, wave, curl or body. Those gels will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy and those “curls” will inevitably die.

All over the world bathrooms are filled with gels, waxes, hairsprays and sea salt sprays that have never been used more than once because those sneaky commercials persuaded straighties to believe in miracles.

Straight hair is flat, lifeless and boring. Straight hair is straight.  It tangles easily.  Gets plastered to the head when it rains.  Knots into a tangled mess in the wind. It is more prone to static and you can’t disguise roots that are growing out.  It lacks volume, even when you cut it short, it still ends up flattening. You can try to tousle it around and flip it upside down a million times while you blow dry it, but 10 minutes later, it will inevitably fall flat on your face.  It is also usually thin, which means aging and hair loss become partners in expediting the process aided and abetted by curling or straightening.

All us curlies really need to do is control the frizz, encourage and define the curl.  Looking sensational is a lot easier when you are a curly!

Most importantly is that straight hair does not enhance the beauty of a curly.  Curlies are meant to be curly and that’s that!

  • You always stand out in a crowd
  • Naturally curly hair is always styled and ready to go
  • Curly hair has more body and volume
  • Curly hair is fun and unique
  • Naturally curly hair is super versatile