Anyone can record announcements for their phone service and messages on hold.  Anyone can put together a radio show, voice a documentary or add audio to their website.  The key is whether you want to sound and look professional.

Broadcast Consultant and Technical Director

John Williams is a fanatic when it comes to sound production so he can help identify issues affecting sound quality. A radio veteran, he’s worked on air (4GG, 2GO), in the newsroom (3UZ), commercial production (2MMM Sydney), assisted with building radio stations (NEW FM, 2CHY FM) after designing and building ADNET Audio (formerly The Audio Ranch) from which he has worked since 1987.


As a Broadcast engineer & Sound recordist, John draws on many years experience and qualifications in on-air announcing, newsreading, sound production and broadcast consulting

  • Freelance Professional Audio since 1987
  • Recording and integration of audio for websites and online applications
  • Messages On Hold
  • Sound Recording & Voice Overs for TV & Radio, Websites, Film & Documentaries, Trades Shows & Exhibitions
  • Consultancy to the Broadcast Industry
  • Recording and integration of audio for websites and online applications
  • Coordination of the transmission of audio at live sporting events

Enable your website with the power of voice.

Including professional audio on your website enables you to tell prospective customers about your products and services.

Responsive web site audio increases page-views and enhances sales. And as communication devices diminish in size the power of audio on your website and especially on mobile websites increases.

Talk to your customers- they’ll love you for it!! Find out about our professional audio service today.

Hear our “tongue in cheek” demo

Coordinated audio on your website & your TV & Radio Campaign


None of us like to have to place our customers on hold but you can use the time effectively by telling them more about the services you have on offer.

We record and produce customised PHONE-ON-HOLD for use either on a CD player or Digital Player. The technology is reliable, cost effective and offers consistent sound quality


  1. A Commander or equivalent telephone system fitted with a “line isolation unit”. (If you’re currently playing the Radio, Cassettes or C.D.’s down the phone line when you put your customers on hold then you already have the equipment. If not, then we can advise.)
  2. A Telephone Digital Player (we recommend and sell these for around the $300 mark)
  3. An APRA Licence


Email us an order on your letterhead along with the information you would like on your Phone On Hold.
We’ll formulate a script (usually within 24 hours).
We then email it back to you for any changes.
Once the script is approved, we record a demo with music.
We can then either record onto CD and deliver it, or place it online for you to download.
Once you have heard what the final product sounds like, you can make any further changes if necessary.
When you give us the go ahead we organise the final version.
Normally the finished product is ready for your use within a week.


Basic Service (4-5 minute message): includes script development, recording time, professional voice, demo CD, the final product and couriers. Custom message and music: tailored to your requirements.  Email us a rough script and we will respond with a quote…