Welcome to knittersSA.info

I hope the New Year is finding you well and creative.
Unfortunately I have not achieved my wishes of spending more
time knitting, but maybe later this week I’ll start the machine
knitting part of a yoke jumper that I’ve hand knitted.

This news letter has information about the upcoming workshops
at the end of March and early April, with Angela Mc Gregor.
They will be held in Adelaide and Port Pirie. I hope to see some of
you then. There will be another workshop with Dianne Chambers
in July. These workshops are being held as we will not be having
a camp at Victor Harbor. The Melrose Camp is booked for
October again.

We would love to include more news and information in the
newsletter about what our members are doing and knitting.
Patterns and projects are welcome. Send them to Gillian Gittins.
We would also like to hear from clubs about any changes to their
meeting arrangements or memberships, (particularly should
members pass away).

If anyone is interested in learning how to judge machine knitting,
we are planning a day with Wendy Smith in March. There is no
obligation for anyone to become Judges at all the shows, so come
along if you’re interested.

Cheers for now,