News Tx’s

Amateur Radio News Transmissions

There are various transmitted relays and information of interest to Radio Amateurs and experimenters, on a regular basis, mostly during the evenings and on Sunday mornings. Generally these start one minute past the top of the hour, although not necessarily.

WIA National News Sunday 10am and 8pm, 10pm, 11pm and midnight. Wednesday 9pm, Thursday 9pm.

QNews Immediately after WIA News

Q5 Education Hour of the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society Saturday 10pm, Tuesday 9:45pm, Wednesday 10pm.

The RAIN Report  Tuesday 9:15pm, Thursday 10pm, Friday 10:30pm.

Amateur Radio Newsline Sunday 9pm, Thursday 11:30pm.

RSGB News Wednesday 11:15pm.


Tuesday 11pm, Friday 11:15pm.



                                                                  Monday 10pm


Note all these times are Brisbane local. Most transmissions are repeated at other times that may be more convenient for you, including the wee small hours after midnight. Just have a look at the “Program Guide” for details of what and when.


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