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Extra bits for IRLP Node 6527

FRILLSWe have a few “frills” on this node……it’s an ongoing thing of ours to add more, from time-to-time. Most of the scripts that run these facilities have been developed by other node owners and some have been modified for our use.

HUGE THANKS to all the people responsible!

As per the regs, please identify your station before keying in ANY of these codes. DTMFing for the sake of it is poor operating technique, drives the listeners up the wall, and in some cases will even go unrecognised as the machine may need to hear voice audio before it will accept any DTMF input. There are some special DTMF sequences used for remote administrative purposes that have access codes, and of course most people don’t need to use these.

Because this is currently a simplex node, bear in mind that you may not always be able to hear a station making an announcement or using DTMF codes, so the node may appear to be doing things all on its own!


We’ve tried to keep most of the commonly used codes to a defacto standard which is widely used around Australia. To access the Main Menu which will tell you most of the codes, use DTMF code #5


If you want to know the local time at a distant node, the DTMF code is ##(node number)….for example to get the time at node number 1230, use DTMF code ##1230


To hear a replay of what the last node was and when it connected, use DTMF code #123


Another useful one will replay the last call waiting, last incoming call and last outgoing call announcement…….use DTMF code #69


For the weather at Coffs Harbour, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, and usually updated every hour…………use DTMF code #1. Why Coffs? That’s where the node started, so it’s purely nostalgia. Besides, it saves editing the custom_decode file 😉

Weather from 100 different locations around Australia can be accessed by using DTMF code # followed by the postcode, eg Wagga is #2650. We figure that most people who want to know the weather “back home” would know their postcode! If you hear the DTMF code being read back to you, but no info is transmitted, it means the postcode for that area is not available on this system. Try another major town nearby.


If you want to know the time (who doesn’t ?!), use DTMF code #2

The node uses NTP to accurately synchronise its clock against an atomic time standard, and so will always be accurate, within the limitations of verbally reporting to the nearest minute. When the node is not being used, there is an announcement on the hour.


John vk4jjw@adnet.com.au
EchoIRLP Node 6527 / 96527 Administrator

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