Using this Node

How to use IRLP Node 6527


The station operates on Simplex 146.475 and is located at quiet, peaceful Mundoolun Estate in the Gold Coast Hinterland, about 50 minutes from anywhere РBrisbane or the golden sands of Surfers Paradise.

[Internet Radio Linking Project]Are you in range?

It’s easy to check: send¬†any DTMF character and you should hear a voice response, telling you what character(s) it heard. Another method is to listen for the recorded ident/announcement which runs on the hour if the node is inactive (which is most of the time during daylight hours).

Is it working?
## (that’s two hashes) – Our synthesised voice artist will give the node status, ie., whether it’s connected to another node or not, and if it is, the number of that node.

How long has it been working?
AA (if you have an extended character keypad) will get the voice to tell you how long the node has been operational since the last reboot of the Linux box. This could be a fairly short time, as we do a lot of fiddling around that requires a push of the “Big Switch”.

Last Node
#123 ….. the last node connected and at what time.

Auto Ident for IRLP Node 6527

As per the regs, the Tx (VK4JJW) identifies itself locally at least every ten minutes after the start of an IRLP session with an automatic CW ident……it’s polite in that it will wait for 8 1/2 minutes then fire off at the next break in transmission, but if there’s no break it will do its thing regardless at ten minutes.

There are also pre recorded identification and voice announcements that run at regular intervals on the hour, when the node is not currently in use. These give general information on IRLP and how to use it, and as they run for around 1 minute could even be used as a signal source to ascertain whether or not the node is within range of your station.


EchoIRLP Node 6527 / 96527 Administrator

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